Located on 760 acres just 45 miles west of Chicago, The Grove is a proposed master-planned community that aims to bring a vibrant town center, residential housing for all ages, community-focused retail and services, job opportunities, and flourishing parks and green space to Sugar Grove, IL. Named in honor of the majestic maple trees that dot the landscape of this tight-knit community, The Grove aspires to offer a picturesque haven for residents to live, work, and gather all year long. At the heart of The Grove, we envision a welcoming Town Center, thoughtfully designed to promote community engagement and recreation, and serve as an ideal location for a future Village Hall and neighborhood amenities such as food trucks, a dog park, farmers markets, events in the park, walking and biking trails and more.

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TIF Information

The Vision: The Village Town Center


Shop the area's fresh seasonal produce, local meats and cheeses and artisan foods.


Large green space for community events, including concerts, movie nights, yoga in the park, and more.


Sample delicious food and support local businesses in the planned food truck park.


New village center including offices for the Village Hall.


Join family and friends for a picnic or host a group meeting in the numerous outdoor gathering and seating areas.


Places for local and nationally known businesses, yoga studios, boutiques, coffee shops, bars, breweries and more to offer services to the community.


A safe space for both large and small dogs to get exercise and socialize with furry friends.


The Town Center will provide regular events and community gatherings. A full calendar of monthly events will be available for anyone to attend.


Explore the tree covered trails that will connect the community with the Village Center.


Experience a fantastic beer garden, where local breweries offer an impressive drink selection in a relaxed, covered seating atmosphere. Join friends, share laughter, and savor refreshing beverages in this inviting haven. Unwind, enjoy, and let the good times flow!


Discover our vibrant social district, where you can shop to your heart’s content, grab a drink from the bustling beer garden, and leisurely stroll around, all while supporting local businesses along the way.


Indulge in the perfect blend of convenience and comfort with our charming townhome concept, situated in close proximity to the town center, allowing you to easily access and enjoy all the wonderful amenities and attractions that await just steps away.


With plans to offer a wide range of housing options, The Grove is proposed to feature both for-sale and for-rent homes from award-winning regional and national builders with designs that fit every lifestyle and budget. From spacious townhomes, active adult homes, stylish apartments and traditional single-family homes designed for modern living, you’ll find the perfect home style at The Grove.



A place for healthcare, shopping, and other services that benefit the community as well as overall residents of the area.


The data center industry is on the leading edge of innovation. Data Centers provide space to house the technology infrastructure needed to support businesses in the digital age.


E-commerce drives demand for last-mile and other distribution facilities. These facilities will generate jobs and provide new tax revenues in support of the local economy.


Providing a diversity of housing to meet community needs and growth of community members.


New sit-down and fast-casual restaurant offerings.


The Grove Park presents potential opportunities for the establishment of medical offices and urgent care facilities, catering to the needs of the community should there be a market demand for such services.


Intended to benefit all Sugar Grove residents and visitors, The Grove is envisioned to feature exceptional amenities that bring family and friends closer together to revel in the everyday and celebrate the big moments. Amenities proposed for The Grove include a playground, parks, a tree-covered trail system, preserved green spaces programmed with community events, outdoor gathering areas with seating for small and large groups, a dog park, farmers’ market and a new village Town Center.


What is The Grove?

The Grove is a 760-acre proposed Master Planned Community that could feature a variety of land uses such as open space, civic, residential, commercial, retail, data center, distribution, medical office.

Has The Grove been approved by The Village of Sugar Grove?

At this time, The Grove is not approved. We anticipate submitting formal petition to the Village of Sugar Grove for zoning and annexation in 2024. The project will then undergo Village review and follow the Planning Commission and Village Board process for zoning and annexation petitions.

Will any of the existing tree groves or open space lands be preserved?

At least 200 acres of community open space, both natural and maintained, would be included in The Grove. This includes the preservation of the large tree grove located in the southeast corner of the I-88/Route 47 interchange.

Who owns the property?

Sugar Grove, LLC is the owner of the property. Crown Community Development (CCD), an affiliate of Sugar Grove LLC, will oversee and manage the development of this project.

Will we have an opportunity to voice our thoughts and concerns? How do we stay informed?

We recognize the community’s desire for more input beyond those opportunities offered under the Village Ordinance. We are proposing the following to provide additional opportunities to stay informed and provide public comment:

  • Public Engagement - We will present our plan to the community in an open forum for public comment.
  • Project webpage - This page will be updated with information regarding the project on a routine basis and will offer the local community opportunities to ask questions. Commonly asked questions may be added to our FAQ.
  • Social media - We will encourage community members to follow our official social media pages for accurate and the most up-to-date project information.

What is the timeline for The Grove?

The annexation and zoning petition will be submitted to the Village in 2024 for review. The Village process is expected to take 5-6 months to complete. If our petition is approved, we anticipate that Phase 1 construction will commence in 2024. Full buildout is projected to occur over a 10-year period, and this timeframe could increase or decrease based on market conditions.

How many homes will The Grove have?

The Grove may have up to 1500 residential units which would include a combination of single family, active adult townhomes, duplexes, and multifamily homes.

What are the projected land uses for Grove Park?

The Grove PDD zoning request will be flexible in order to accommodate commercial, retail, office, medical office and multi-family uses in Grove Park. Distribution and data center uses in Grove Park are also part of the PDD zoning request, but those uses would be restricted to Lot 1 located east of Route 47, north of the interchange and not permitted to directly front Route 47 (see concept land plan for location of Lot 1).

  • How many square feet of distribution is proposed?

TIF Information

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Traffic Information

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